Azeem Javed Khan
Oriental Institute of Management
Plot No. 149, Sector 12, Tel: +91-6691-4406
Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Fax: +91-6691-4407
400703. INDIA. E-mail:
Computer networks, Mobile Computing, Computer architecture analysis and design,Research
Interests Algorithms and Engineer in g education
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India
Computer Science and Engineering (2011)
Thesis Title: A Distributed Open Software Router: Analysis and Archi-
Advisors: Prof. D. Manjunath and Prof. Anirudha Sahoo
Area of Study: Distributed computing in routers built on open source
software and open hardware.
Columbia University, Ne w York, USA
Electrical Engineering, May 2000
V.J.T.I., University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India
Electronics Engineering, June 1998
Singapore Management University, SingaporeAcademic
Research Fellow July 2011 - Jan 2013
Indoor Localization: Engaged in developing novel fingerprint and non-fingerprint
based techniques for the area of indoor localization. Led a team of research en-
gineers to implement a solution that provides ±4 metre accuracy on Android
smartphones in real buildings in Singapore. Additionally helped implement
a working cloud assisted solution for iOS devices on SMU campus.
CAMEO: A new architecture proposal for advertisement delivery on smart-
phones to reduce delivery costs for wireless telecom operators and to reduce
the burden on metered wireless data plans of consumers. Implemented a
prototype version in Android user space which was demoed at Mobisys 2012.
LiveLabs: A framework residing both i n the smartphone s and in the cloud
that enables near realtime analytics on consumer behaviour with smart al-
gorithms powering the identification and classification of consumer activity.
Led a team of PhD stu de nts on architecture and design and collaborated on
implementations of ancilliary projects.
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India
Research Engineer January 2005 - December 2008
Helped implement a national experimental testbed to evaluate QoS over WAN
across India. Eight different institutes all over India were part of this exper-
iment over the ERNET. Co-designed and co-architected a solution to inte-
grated the IIT Bombay campus PBX with other institutes’ PBXes over WAN
using open source software and custom developed software.
In Spring 2005, conduc te d experiments on performance of Intel Centrino
wireless chipsets in closed indoor environments. Performed data analysis,
prepared detailed docume ntation and presented results and conclusions.
University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India
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Classroom Instructor January 2004 to December 2004
Instructor for the C# programming language Fall 2004
Responsible for 3 hours lectures every week, biweekly assignments and
evaluations, laboratory practicals, all semester tests and their evaluations.
Instructor for Basic Electronic Devices and Circuits Fall 2004
Responsible for 3 hours lectures every week, monthly assignments and
evaluations, lab or ator y simulations and experiments, all semester tests
and evaluations.
Instructor for Computer Organization and Design Spring 2004
Responsible for 4 hours lectures every week, biweekly assignments and
their evaluations and mid-semester exams and evaluations.
Lab Ins tr u ct or for Analysis of Algorithms Spring 2004
Responsible for 0.25 hour lecture and supervision of 3.15 hour labora-
tory wher e sophomore undergraduate students wrote programs in C++
implementing the data structures and algorithms taught in the classroom
Developed supplementary course material encouraging students to apply
known algorithms to problems appe ari ng in real life.
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K. Muralidharan, A. Khan, A. Misra, R. Balan and S. Agarwal, Barometric Phone
Sensors More Hype than Hope, To appear in the Proceedings of the Fourteenth
Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems & Applications (HotMobile 2014), San
Diego, U.S.A., Feb 2014.
A. Khan, K. Jayarajah, D. Han, A. Misra, R. Balan and S. Seshan, CAMEO: A
Middleware for Mobile Advertisement Delivery, Proceedings of the 11th interna-
tional conference on Mobile systems, applications, and services (Mobisys 2013),
pp. 125–127, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C., June 2013.
A. Khan, V. Ranjan, T. Luong, R. Balan and A. Misra, Experiences with Perfor-
mance Tradeoffs in Practical, Continuous, Indoor Localization, Proceedings of the
The Fourteenth International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and
Multimedia Networks (WoWMoM 2013), pp. , Madrid, Spain, June 2013.
A. Khan, V. Subbaraju, A. Misra and S. Seshan, Demo: Context driven adver-
tisement optimizer, Proceedings of the 10th international conference on Mobile
systems, applications, and services (Mobisys 2012), pp. 487–488, Low Wood Bay,
Lake District, UK, June 2012.
A. K h an, V. S ub bar aju, A. Misra and S. Seshan, Mitigating the True Cost of
Advertisement-Supported “Free” Mobile Applications, Proceedings of the Twelfth
Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems & Applications (HotMobile 2012), pp.
1–6, San Diego, California, Feb 2012.
A. Khan, A. Saho o and D. Manjunath, Implementation of WFQ in a Distribut ed
Open Software Router, Proceedings of the 36th IEEE Local Area Networks Con-
ference, pp. 519–527, Bonn, Germany, Oct. 2011.
N. Athaide, A. Khan, D. Manjunath and A. Sahoo, Trie Partitioning in Distributed
PC Based Routers, Proceedings of the First International Conference on Commu-
nications Systems and Networks , pp. 1–10, Bengaluru, India, Jan. 2009.
A. Khan, R. Birke, D. Manjunath, A. Sahoo, and A. Bianco, Dist r ib ut ed PC based
routers: Bottleneck analysis and architecture prop osal, in Proceedings of High
Performance Switching and Routing 2008, pp. 57–62, Shanghai, China, May
A. Bianco, R. Birke, J.M. Finochietto, L. Giraudo, F. Marenco, M. Mellia, A. Khan
and D. Manjunath, Control and management plane in a multi-stage software
router architecture, in Proceedings of High Performance Switching and Routing
2008, pp . 235-240, Shanghai, China, May 2008.
and Demos
Motorola, Arlington Heights, Illin ois USAProfessional
Senior Software Engineer in Global Telecom Solutions Sector March 2000 to
April 2003
Wrote co d e for call processing inside the Mobile Switching Centre for CDMA
3G IS2000, specific ally stable call and hard handoffs. Assisted in all aspects
of tes tin g, debugging and on-site support
Used C++ with VxWorks RTOS.
Helped create an automated testing fr amework (using Python/Tcl), per-
formed regression testing (using Python /Perl) before handover and perfor-
mance testing.
Mentored juniors and peers from other functional areas; gave presentations to
peers and upper management on technical and process improvement aspects;
created workshops to encourage and develop better processes and methodolo-
gies. Was awarded the Bravo award twice. Chosen twice as principal contact
for first integration testi ng.
Functioned as technical lead towards end of project. Led an investigation
to absorb the b e st practic es of extre me programming and agile methods.
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Created to ols to automatically track validated requirements and check against
minimum handover requirements.
Microsoft Research India, Bengaluru, India
Intern in Mobile and Networking Systems Group May 2009 to October 2009
Researched ideas on automated diagnostic and potential solutions of network
faults from network traces.
Participated in experiments conducted by other research teams .
Extensive hardware and software experience in networking, information technology,Technical Skills
and sy s te m administration.
Hardware: Comfortable with IBM compatible PCs. Have limited experience of
development on the ARM (Android) platform, Sun Sparcs and Power PCs. Have
done extensive work on embedded system environments.
Software: Comfortable with Linux for development. User of Microsoft Windows
since version 3.1 and DOS 5.0. Using Linux since kernel 1.2. Limited experience
with MacOS.
Programming: Comfortable with C and C++. Improving on Java. Working
knowledge of Perl, PHP, HTML, CSS. Limited knowledge of shell scripting.
Visits and
and Meetings
Presented our research work on mobile advertising at Mobisys’13 held in Taipei
in June 2013. Was awarded the maximum travel grant to attend the conferenc e.
Demonstrated an implementation of our r e s ear ch project on mobile advertising—
CAMEO at Mobisys 2012 held in Low Wood Bay, UK in June 2012.
Presented a paper on my research at the 36th IEEE Local Area Networks Con-
ference, Bonn, Germany in October 2011. Was selected as one of the only two
students given travel grant to attend the conference.
Received the best PhD research presentation award at the 3rd International
Conference on Communications S ys t ems and Networks (COMSNETS 2011), in
Bangalore India, in January 2011. Also acted in the role of a conference volunteer.
Attended the ACM SIGCOMM 2010 Conference in New Delhi, Aug-Sep 2010.
Attended the Microsoft Research Summer School on Networking at Bengaluru,
India in June 2009.
Attended the First International Conference on Communications Systems and
Networks (COMSNETS 2009) in Bangalore, Ind ia in January 2009 .
Attended the Second International Symposium on Advanced Networks and Telecom-
munications Systems (ANTS 2008) in Mumbai, India in December 2008.
Presented a paper on my research at the IEEE Workshop on High Performance
Switching and Routing 2008 , Shanghai, China in May2008.
Attended the Fourteenth National Conference on Communications (NCC 2008)
in Mumbai, India in Feb 2008.
Presented my research at the Inter IIT COMNET meet of PhD students in IIT
Chennai in November 2007.
Attended the nineteenth meeting of the World Wireless Research Forum in Chen -
nai, India in November 2007.
Visiting researcher to Politecnico Di Torino during S ep t. 2006 to Oct. 2006 in
Turin, Italy. Worked on a joint research project with Prof. Andrea Bian co and
other PhD students. A report on my work was submitted to the Indian and
Italian government departments facilitating the exchange.
Available upon request.References
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