Content for Social Networks

If you want to be noticed or at least not forgotten, it has become important to project yourself on social media in an appropriate fashion. However, inane remarks on what you ate and passively pressing the +1 or Like buttons is not what counts towards being known as hip and happening. You must provide consumable content. To that end, a number of websites and tools help you create content and then observe what happens to it once it is posted. Below are a few of the websites that will help you do that.
Websites for creating images
  1. PicMonkey
  2. Social Image Resizer Tool
  3. Timeline Slicer for FB
  4. PhotoVisi (for collages)
  5. BeFunky (complete photo editor)
  6. Easely (for infographics)
  7. Infogram (for infographics)
  8. Visually
  9. Pic to Chart (infographics)
  10. Recite, Quozio, Pinwords, Pinstamatic for (images from quotes)
Websites and tools that help with social media
  1. A dashboard to see and nurture relationships.
  2. Use Youtube Audience Retention Report> to understand what's happening.
  3. Cloze, Buffer and AgoraPulse, SproutSocial HootSuite and ThinkUp help gain insights into what's happening with your social media accounts on FB and Twitter
  4. Reachli is for Pinterest folks
  5. Use a tool like Facebook Pages Manager app to engage and control things like Facebook Offers and Promoted Posts.
Tips for social media marketing
  1. Avoid this Twitter mistake
  2. If trying to reach business people, tweet just before or after the hour so as to catch people checking their phones as they are leaving or entering meetings.
  3. Monitor your username on Twitter and find people who are interested what you write, and then quickly follow them or favorite their Tweet.
  4. Add a complete address to FB so people can check in
  5. Get more YouTube subscribers with this pop-up
  6. Use slideshare to distribute a bunch of slides
  7. Use image resizers to optimize the size of your images. Use SnagIt or Image Optimizer
  8. Make sure you use the Skills and Expertise page on LinkedIn to figure out the keywords and buzz your social media posts need.
  9. ScoopIt, Pocket help you to bookmark and organize content you discover on the Internet.
Websites to find free images
  1. Pixabay
  2. MorgueFile
  3. Photopin
  4. Google Images Select Search Tools and then click on Usage Rights to search for copyright free images.
  5. Bing image search also allows to select public domain images only
  6. Creative Commons
  7. Compfight. Aggregator of Flickr images
  8. Flickr Commons
  9. All free
  10. iClipArt for clipart
Another list is compiled at If you use Wordpress as the main platform for engagement you can try Photodropper. You can also buy images from websites. A list is compiled here.