Installing RStudio Desktop on Mageia 4

For some of the analytics work done by my company, Azeem Technologies, I sometimes use R. I am quite comfortable using the base install of R on Mageia 4 using the CLI (command line interface). However, some people prefer to use a tool called RStudio which I had previously installed on a Mageia 2 server (accessible through a web interface). I have not used it i.e. RStudio myself but the time seemed ripe and so I went ahead to install it on my desktop.

As in Mageia 2, it turns out Mageia 4 does not have RStudio binaries in its repos. Installing the rpm for Fedora did not work and it complained about missing libraries. A quick Google search revealed other Mageia users were facing similar problems and the recommended approach was to compile the source. Since I had done this for Mageia 2 (for a server install) and I am no stranger to configure/compile/install, I went ahead and downloaded the source code. I followed the advice given here for Mageia 3 and turned out that I had to do a little more. I am not sure whether that is because of the change in the Mageia version (mine is 4) or changes in the RStudio version or just the setup on my machine. Nevertheless, this is what I did.

	 su -
         urpmi cmake ant boost-build lib64lapack3 lib64lapack-devel
         urpmi cairo cairo-devel lib64jpeg8 lib64jpeg-devel
	 urpmi lib64png12 lib64png-devel lib64tiff5 lib64tiff-devel
	 urpmi lib64blas3 lib64blas-devel lib64qt4-devel cmake-qtgui
	 urpmi lib64x11_6 lib64x11_6-devel lib64boost-devel lib64qtwebkit2.2-devel
Then I went ahead and tried to follow the instructions for the rstudio compile.
	cd rstudio-rstudio-ee098fe
	mkdir build
	cd build
And I got an error about missing dictionaries. A quick Google search brought me to this page and I followed the instructions.
	cd ../dependencies/common
	cd ../../build
	rm -f CMakeCache.txt
This time I got another error about recipe for target 'gwt_build' failed. So,
	cd ../dependencies/common
	cd ../../build
	rm -f CMakeCache.txt

This time the compile and install went fine.

	make install
Surprisingly, the rstudio binary was installed in /usr/local/lib/rstudio/bin/ and I had to look at the scrolling install screen later to figure it out. No matter, I just created a softlink to it in /usr/bin as root and it was running fine and dandy for all users on my desktop.
	cd /usr/bin
	ln -s /usr/local/lib/rstudio/bin/rstudio